Not just talk.

Our perspectives on the entire textile industry hold such significance that they’ve blossomed into a book: ‘Vores Tøj – Verdens Ressourcer.’ These insights have furthered an independent initiative, giving rise to the policy institution Tekstilrevolutionen.

With our substantial knowledge of the environment and climate, we’ve initiated issuing impact reports on the majority of our orders. This ensures transparency for you and our other clients, allowing you to understand the environmental cost of your order in terms of CO2, water, and land area. Crucially, when crafting branded merchandise, it’s essential to obtain maximum value.

Our goal is to engage from the design phase, facilitating the creation of merchandise that is both utilized and proudly worn. This strategic approach allows your brand to derive increased value from the resources invested in merchandise production.

Our initiatives

Impact report on merchandise

Introducing a report that will unveil the environmental cost of your order in terms of kilograms of CO2 emissions, liters of water consumption, and square meters of land area.


As an independent policy institution, our objective is to become a global knowledge hub and serve as a catalyst for the textile industry to have a positive impact on the world.


Furthermore, we collaborate closely with our customers and other stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that contribute to making merchandise more circular.


As a GOTS-certified supplier, we adhere to a strict environmental policy designed to reduce emissions, energy, and water usage. GOTS also ensures that employees are treated with respect and fairness.

Impact report

The impact report is made to fulfill three purposes:

  • Transparency: Empower you to communicate the environmental impact of your merchandise to your stakeholders 

  • ESG reporting: Empower your organization to make ESG reporting better and easier.
  • Create conversation: Like most things in this world, merchandise demand utilization of resources. We are doing our best to reduce the impact we have on the planet and the people who inhabit it, but we will always have an impact. This impact report is our attempt to push forward the conversation on how we are spending the worlds’ resources.

The impact of merchandise

As consumers, it is imperative to acknowledge that the production of merchandise entails the utilization of valuable resources. This doesn’t mean that we should stop producing, using, doing, or living, but it means that we should be aware of our impact and take care of the things we choose to produce and use them for as long as we can.